Summer Stock Photo Pack #1

Summer Stock Photo Pack Preview

Summer Stock Photo Pack #1


Bask in the warmth of summer with Her Persona’s Summer Stock Photo Pack #1. Whether you have your own blog you’d like to spice up or you need a background that’s going to capture your audience’s attention, these saturated photos are sure to do the trick and breathe new life into your personal and commercial projects! This photo pack is SUPER flexible and offers 5 different images and several different formats already pre-set for you in JPG and PNG. Included is also a DNG format so you can make your own high quality edits in Photoshop. You will receive 35 image files in total. Enhanced versions of each photo in both JPG and PNG formats, black and white versions of each photo in both JPG and PNG formats, and the original not edited versions of each photo in both JPG and PNG formats (plus the dng file unedited). There will be 7 files in total for each photo. NOTE: The watermarks are removed in the purchased files.

Product Description

In this Summer Stock Photo Pack you will receive 5 different photos. For each photo there will be an edited version, a non edited version, and a black and white version. For each version you will receive a high resolution JPEG, PNG, as well as the DNG file to make your own high quality edits in Photoshop. You will receive 35 files in this stock photo pack in total. This is a digital product and will be available to download upon purchase.

Terms of use:

1. You may not share, resell, or distribute these photos in any way for profit or by any means. By purchasing this product you agree that it is for your own sole use. Any use by others they will need to purchase this product themselves.

2. You may use for personal or commercial use as long as it does not break the first term of use. Commercial use is permitted as long as the photo is not the focus of what is being sold. Permitted examples of commercial use: background or graphic for posters, ads, campaigns, etc. Prohibited examples of commercial use: graphic is being sold on merchandise such as T-shirts, cups, calendars, etc or digital content such as pay-to-use desktop wallpapers, pay-to-use background for a web templates or themes, or any other pay to use products. Permitted examples of personal use: desktop wallpaper, mobile wallpaper, graphic used for class project, etc. Please use the above examples as a guideline as the permissions are but are not limited to just those examples alone.

3. You do not need to credit in order to use this photos, but these images are not to be claimed as your own. If someone asks, give credit.

4. These photos can be edited after purchase to suit the needs of the buyer. If you have any questions regarding the terms of use for this product, feel free to contact me.


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