GIMP For Beginners – Class 1 – Portrait Editing

Her Persona Photoshop 101 Class 1 - Portrait Touch-Up

GIMP For Beginners – Class 1 – Portrait Editing


Product Description

Have you ever wanted to learn how to professionally touch up your photos? Perhaps you have a wedding photo shoot or you want beautiful portrait pictures to frame in your home. Whatever the case may be, Her Persona’s GIMP For Beginners Class 1 on Portrait Editing is perfect for you.

When it comes to learning how to do something, often times we have to pay a lot of money for a course with a lot of things included that we aren’t interested in learning or may never use. With Her Persona’s classes, you get to pick and choose which classes you want to take so you can learn exactly what you want to know for an affordable price. Since this a digital class product, you can learn where you want, when you want.

This class has 17 pages on different techniques to touch up your portrait photos. There are picture guides and labels so it is easy to follow without needing the assistance of a tutor. (Though if you do get stuck, the forums are always available to students for support)

With this class, you will learn the following:

  1. How to brighten your portraits
  2. How to erase blemishes and imperfections
  3. Teeth Whitening
  4. How to soften/airbrush skin
  5. Create easy photo filters using color balance
  6. How to brighten eyes

This is a beginners class and created to be easy to follow along. Explanations are also given to what each tool does so that you can use these tools and techniques towards other GIMP projects.

(Please note in order for this course to be useful, you must first download the free photo editing program GIMP)


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