Ever since I was little, I’ve always had a passion for art.

I enjoyed everything artistic growing up.  You name it; Graphic design, web design, writing, photography, sewing, and creating music. I still love it all to this day.

After high school, I decided the most practical thing to focus on was graphic design, and shortly after I finished college I landed a job with a local newspaper. I worked there for about two and a half years. At times I felt really passionate about working and had opportunities to be creative. Other times, I felt really depressed and restricted.

Working in a newsprint setting, the control of the design was in the hands of sales representatives rather than the designers. Every once in awhile, the creative fence was extended and I was able to include my own ideas and creativity. For the majority however, my ideas were tweaked so much they weren’t really my ideas anymore.. and it was frustrating. I ended up in a place where I wasn’t even designing anymore.

After two and a half years, I was laid off.

There were a lot of lay offs that year and I was left to jump back into retail. I was happy to have found a retail job so quickly, but as time passed, I still wasn’t happy. It wasn’t that the job was bad or that I was treated poorly. I had the most wonderful manager and we still talk to this day! Ever since I started working in retail again, I’ve always thought to myself “there must be more than this”.

After being laid off from my previous job, I began to think. I didn’t want my life and job stability to always be in the hands of someone else. I can’t rely on that. Sacrificing my time working towards building and maintaining someone else’s dream would not make me happy. I want to use my time and efforts towards building my own dream; doing what I love AND get paid what I know I’m worth. That is so important to me, and I just won’t find that working for someone else.

I needed change.

When I made that realization, my sister invited me to join a network marketing company based on beauty products and wellness. Call it fate that this happened. I stuck with it for awhile and learned a lot of valuable information I will carry with me through the business world and marketing. It definitely wasn’t a poor investment. After a couple of months, I left the company because I wasn’t truly passionate about the products I was selling.

A couple of months after leaving network marketing, I decided to try something new. I was inspired by a company that makes animal hoods and said to myself “I can do that!”, and I started teaching myself how to sew. My husband surprised me with a really nice sewing machine one day and that REALLY helped me. I made myself one of those furry animal hoods and made one for my husband as well.

I had no idea this would end up becoming a business.

During autumn and the colder seasons, we wore our hoods out together. While we were out, strangers approached us asking where we got our hoods from and where they could get one. I was proudly able to tell them that I made them! We also stopped by my husband’s place of work wearing the hoods and his co-workers LOVED them. Before I knew it, I was lined up with orders. I didn’t originally plan to sell custom orders, but opening up to it, I actually sold several hoods to people that year. Even to people I had never met before! I wanted part of my sales to go to a good cause, and donated 5% of all monthly sales to local not-for-profit animal charities at the end of each month. That didn’t amount to much, but it still was nice to be able to contribute.

Her Persona Introduction

As spring came around and the seasons got warmer, my hood sales started to decline. I wasn’t really sure what to make after that. Over the next few months I started to think about what I was going to do next. My hoods business wasn’t going to be stable all year round so I had to start thinking of other things I could focus on during warmer seasons. I came to the realization that there are so many things I love, and I don’t have to strictly focus on creating one thing!

Why I started blogging.

The blogging community caught my attention, and some of the most popular blogs out there don’t focus on just writing. The bloggers who really made a business for themselves have multiple streams of income. I realized that even popular Youtubers and Social Media Influencers don’t focus on creating videos. They often create and sell their own merchandise, do affiliate marketing, and many other things. This was such a huge realization because I had been stuck in a mindset my entire life that I had to pick one thing and stick with it. I thought that’s how everyone’s life had to be and I just could’t do that. That was when I realized my dream and Her Persona was born.

You guys, I have everything wrapped up in this amazing, incredible space. In this little corner of the internet I can sew, I can write, I can design to my full potential, I can take pictures; I can CREATE. Someday; it might not be today or tomorrow, but someday I believe I can make this blog my full time career.

Welcome to HerPersona.blog! I am so excited to have you join me on this incredible journey!