I’m not new to the world of social media, and I’m sure you’re not either. However, sometimes it’s hard to tell when bloggers, youtubers and other influencers are promoting products because they genuinely love and support them, or if they’re only doing it for the paycheck and don’t care anything about the product. This corner of the internet is my space and I’m not going to recommend to you anything that I don’t honestly believe in or find relates to my blog. I believe transparency is key to a good relationship with my readers. Below are a list of my policies and what you can expect throughout my blog.

Product Reviews:

I may do reviews on my blog and recommend products to you through my blog posts. My promise to you is I will always provide an honest review. If there was something about the product I didn’t like, I will be completely honest and transparent and tell you. I strive to provide the most accurate information as possible and give you the pros and cons of everything I review.

Occasionally I may accept paid sponsorship reviews, but will only accept ones I feel are a good fit for my blog and are products I genuinely support and believe in.  I will never accept a paid sponsorship that I personally dislike or wouldn’t recommend to friends and family in my daily life. You will always receive 100% honesty in any product reviews on this blog and will all be kept to high standards. All paid sponsorship reviews will be labeled Special Feature for clarity.

Photos and editing:

The editing of products and product content will be kept to a minimum. Under certain lighting conditions, photos may not turn out true to the correct color when in person. Any editing done on product photos will be edited only to achieve the proper colors and lighting. My product photos will never be edited to distort the way the product truly is. Please note that this does not include personal blog photos or any other site content. This is strictly product photos for the goal of providing honest promotion.

Content Use:

You are more than welcome so save any free content you find on this blog for personal use. However, if you share friends or family I request you please link them back to this blog as my condition. The same goes for photos, designs, and free downloadable content. Paid digital content (this includes my e-books, stock photography, graphic design, courses, etc) strictly can not be shared.

Return Policy:

Firstly, I’d just like to say thank you so much for your interest in my products! It means the world to me that I can create something for you that I’m passionate about and that you can benefit from. This being said, I do the very best that I can to provide you with only the highest quality I possibly can and so you can make your purchases feeling happy and satisfied with what you’ve received.

Please know that I do not do refunds under any circumstance as everything I make, I invest a lot of time and energy into. I am however more than happy to work with you if you have any issues with the product you received. If you find the product you received is defective or damaged on arrival, let me know within 10 days of receiving. I will gladly fix any problems that might be wrong with it.

If your order has been shipped to you and you find that it has a defect, everything mentioned above can be done for you. However, you will need to provide the shipping cost to ship it back to me.  I will cover the shipping cost to return it back to you once it has been mended. Please keep in mind you will also need to ship back the product you’ve received before you can receive the new one.

Shipping Policy:

All products are shipped via Regular Parcel through Canada Post. You will receive a tracking number once the parcel has been shipped. I am not to be held responsible for anything related to shipment that is not in my control. I always do my best to package in such a way that your product will not be damaged on delivery.

Processing time for orders is 1-3 days. Please allow 7-14 business days for your package to arrive before contacting me about delays. If you are making an order during the holiday season, please expect delays in delivery due to high volumes in the postal system.

Privacy Policy:

I do not share or sell any of your information. Email addresses, home addresses, phone numbers, names, payment, etc is kept strictly confidential. Online payments are made only through paypal or directly through email for your safety and security.

If you have any questions regarding these policies, feel free to contact me anytime.