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For anyone keeping up with Her Persona, you’ve probably noticed I’ve been a bit absent the past couple weeks. I’ve been focusing a lot on self development as well as working on an incredible opportunity! Last weekend I attended and got to photograph the Culinary Institute of Canada’s Junior Chef Black Box Event. It was a culinary competition that was open to the public. There was live music and of course LOTS of food. Below are some of the photos taken from the event.

Event Setup

This was taken the day before the event. Hoang and a couple of his other classmates were setting up. During this shot, he was planning the team dish arrangements for this table.

Perks of the Job

The day before the event I got a little bit spoiled with this Creme Caramel dessert. It was too pretty NOT to photograph. It was also delicious in case you were wondering. 😉

Competing Teams

A peak at some of the teams by the dishes they made. Each team made three dishes; an appetizer, a main course dish, and a dessert. At the end of the event, the public who attended went to look at each dish and voted on which dish they thought looked the most visually appealing. If you’d like to see an up close photo of each dish, they are available to view in my photography portfolio.

Live Music

During the event I got an opportunity to meet and speak with the musicians Marc Brunet, Chris Arsenault, and Todd Gallant of the MaCristo Band. They did an amazing job and really made the event have such a great atmosphere.  They’re available for booking so definitely check them out and visit their facebook page!

The full house crowd at the event on Saturday! They made it such a wonderful success.

Chef Linda Hellingman lighting the candles for each teams table space.

Kim Conway and Shuai Song posing for their team photo!

During the event, there was one couple who got up to dance. It was the sweetest thing to watch! It’s always so refreshing to see people get up and dance. This has been a wonderful experience and  I hope and look forward to attending next years black box event.

Lastly, I’m open for business and accepting bookings for future events! If you’re interested in having your event photographed, you can reach me by my business email.

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