Before Hoang and I moved to PEI, I was having crazy anxiety about the whole trip. Two years! Two years in a new place hours away from everything I’m familiar with. To a lot of people it’s probably no big deal, but I’ve always been the baby of the family. We didn’t see each other every day to begin with but just the feeling of being able to see my family whenever I wanted felt really nice. Tuesday, mom and dad came down to visit and we walked around downtown PEI together. ♥

Prince Edward Island is BEAUTIFUL! The first thing I noticed when Hoang and I came to visit in May is how vibrant it is. Even in the city, so much color! The air is cleaner, the buildings are really well taken care of, and the atmosphere is full of LIFE! It’s definitely a lot different than what I’ve grown up with in Saint John, and this isn’t dissing Saint John at all. Both cities have their charms. 🙂 It’s just different.

We saw a lot of the sights and tourist attractions, and my mom actually suggested the picture above. We tried to get me dad to pose milking the cow but he wouldn’t do it. LOL My mom was a pretty good sport though and took over. And then there’s Hoang peeking out the cow’s butt. We’re a pretty weird family. 😉

Hoang is all registered for his course now! He won’t be working much now that he’ll be in school full time, which is fine. I’m hoping his course will allow him to bring leftovers home! 😉 I never complain for a man that can cook!

We’re settled in now, and I can happily say I think I like it here. It’s different, and in reality I’m really not that far from home (I’m still calling SJ home haha). I’m ready to start on this new adventure, and with Her Persona being launched this coming November, there’s lots to keep me occupied! I think this is the biggest project I’ve ever worked on. I’m so excited for what’s to come!

Thank you guys for joining me on this crazy adventure. 🙂 I couldn’t have even made this a thing without you, and it’s SO CRAZY! #Grateful

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